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2020 – Fall PSA

Everyone, this is YDD’s “contact tracing”, and MY preventable diseases requirements for you to interact with me, Dom Twojej codziennej rozrywki, those I encounter, and a business venture, OSHA included.

Before Covid-19, students, enlisted personnel, and various professionals are required to have a set of shots, etc before being allowed to interact with society. Well, this is my “strong ask” of you. I ask that you be responsible and get these 2 vaccines, and be vocal if you have or have not.

I just got my Flu shot 01OCT20 and had my Pneumococcal last year in 2019 and I will be getting another this year. If I appear sick or complain of flu-like symptoms, this is why.

Concept of SARS-CoV-2 or 2019-ncov coronavirus

I am trying to be social and provoke people to congregate. I think we are all sick of social distancing and the state, national and international lockdowns. But I highly suggest that you and your immediate family, roommates, lovers, friends, and business-related contacts get vaccinated for Proven vaccines.

This is why the initial “vaccine” will be not available until the spring of 2021, but is being stated that “Trump” and the GOP has supplied to “vaccine”. This statement is a strawman and should be ignored for election reason’s as other countries are putting out their version of the “beta tester” version’s of the shot.

And you should ask the same for your circle. (USE THIS AS A TEMPLATE IF YOU LIKE)

This is no longer a joke. I have a compromised immune system and have those I might come in contact with that also are concerned about public health.

While as entertaining as the rushed, non clinically tested China Virus aka Covid-19 vaccine is promising, I will not b personally hired to myself be taking that vac. And I would suggest you think and do your research on the vaccines before getting the China Virus virus vac. This is NOT political, and while yes politics love to use the phrase “based on science”… use your brain.


I am not forcing you to hang out with me, or forcing you to get the below, but I demand to know if you are up to date and will choose who I share air-space with. And you should as well for your health.

Would you not use a condom on a one night stand and “raw dawg”? Well, just put that in your pipe and smoke it…

Check with your local state if you are eligible for Medicaid or government assistance for your health needs. You must participate in your own rescue.

Pneumococcal Vaccine:

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