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Remember when we all hung out in person?

Those were the days…

It’s day whatever of being quarantined inside my apartment in West Lakeview, Chicago and I’m so bored, that I’m starting to do laundry just for funsies. What I should be doing is something constructive like learning how to cut my own hair, organizing my smartphone apps or making some extra cash by selling my old tube socks on craigslist. Wait is that weird? I mean I should already know how to cut my own hair right? It could actually save me a whole lotta money! And a whole lot less small talk with barbers. I mean, how often do I need to recap the weather with someone?

Good times

After these past several weeks on lockdown, I’m sure we can agree it would actually be nice hanging out with someone in person… closer than 6 feet away. Regardless if whether or not we speak the same language, like the same music or smell like sweat, ham and Malort whiskey. But seriously, we’re all made for human contact, and are understanding that more and more every day that we don’t feel a handshake, smell an alluring fragrance or share a story with and old friend or even someone you met 5 minutes ago.

Together again

After this whole shelter in place thing or whatever it’s called, sharing time in person isn’t something we’re going to take for granted anymore. We actually might not shake hands as much after this either, but being together in the same room is going to be like paradise. It’s going to be like a vacation to go on a bad date in person or have a bartender pour you a cocktail in a dirty glass cause when he gave it to you, he looked at you and said, here ya go bud… enjoy. And that’s straight up what I’m going do when Chad, the bartender, (I dunno, I guess this made up bartender guy’s name is Chad) serves me a tasty ass, dirty glass drink because it happened in person.

We’re all special. We’re all unique. We’re all created to be together, in person, in each other’s presence, whether we like it or not, cause based on the last couple months — we do like it. We learn from each other’s dumbass mistakes and they learn from ours. And we laugh about them until it makes our side fat hurts. We tell stories about something new we tried in the city that they have to try, or they’re not as cool as you. But maybe you already tried that cool thing they did and didn’t tell them cause you didn’t think they were cool enough?

I’ll be there

And when we’re all back out there and someone asks me to hang, I’m not going to think about it. I’m not going to check my calendar. I’m not going to find out if Chad will be there (dang I have to think up some new fake people names) or someone else I want to see, because there’s going to be live people there. Not Zoom or Facetime people. Live people. In my face. Wanting to talk about how hard it was for them being on lockdown for 10 months. (Totally kidding its can’t be that much longer. I hope.) We’re all going to do that. And we’re going to like it. Know why?

Cause we’ll be in person.

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