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Let us get real folks…

Ok, ok. So It is time to take this Corona virus or the COVID-19 seriously, not that it wasn’t before. The main symptoms appear like common flu.

People have died from this.

If you listened to or watched President Trump’s initial press speech about COVID-19, he likened it to the flu and was dismissive about it. A week later, he about-faced and changed this tune and is now very concerned on the news. We can leave politics aside as you cannot ignore the #’s as they are growing.

I am unsure of what state you are reading this from or if you live in the USA or even if you are from the US and are reading from your own country. But here in Illinois in the USA, it has been recently mandated we not leave the house unless necessary for food, prescription drugs and or a doctor’s appointment or gas. It is sort of scary today with driving to get my stock of things I need. And you should think of things outside of toilet paper. You might want to order this book and read for some ideas before it gets too late. And notice, its a physical copy, not digital copy; it might come in handy. It does make a difference if you think about it.


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