Derrick Carter
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Derrick Carter
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Chicago legend Derrick Carter – Reverb shop is live now.

Derrick Carter, Chicago’s House DJ Legend is selling 61 pieces of gear collected over his decades in house music via Reverb.

Derrick Carter

“I was a completist. I collected things, and my idea was to complete these collections and then have an original one—the OEM one—and then one that’s the ultra-modded one, and then levels of varying degrees in between, as if I was some kind of museum curator,” the Classic Recordings head told Reverb.

The collection includes foundational pieces like the Roland TR-909 (once used by Jeff Mills for a live PA), the rare Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave synthesizer, a Waldorf Q, two Aka MPC3000s, a Moog Minimoog Voyager Signature Edition and plenty more besides.

“I want my life to be less cluttered, less incidental, less interstitial, just more intuitive to who I am now,” said Carter, who dubs the process “de-bulking.” “Think of me as a monk or a nun—I’m going to let go of all this stuff before I go on my journey of a thousand miles.”

Check out Derrick Carter video tour of his Reverb store.

Check out The Official Derrick Carter Reverb Shop.

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