Katie Porter - Big Pharma
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Congresswoman Katie Porter SLAMS big pharma over cancer drug price hike

Congresswoman Katie Porter grilled former pharmaceutical giant CEO Mark Alles over his then company’s 300% price hike on a cancer drug over the past decade.

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) did the math in an interrogation of the former CEO from pharmaceutical company Celgene over the connection between rising drug prices and the CEO’s compensation.

Big pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing clinical trials to developing countries to create new medicine. Taking advantage of relaxed regulation, it’s the world’s poorest who are paying the price.

Scores of people — including many beloved musicians and celebrities — are dying from perfectly legal pharmaceutical drugs. And many big companies are profiting. After cornering the market, these giant corporations inflate the prices to gouge the consumer. Lowering drug prices could be obtained by starting first in the patent office.

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