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Image by Christina Holfelder

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The 2020 Competition is now closed but the People’s Choice Award vote is open! Here are my highlights that I like of the finalist images for 2020. With an emphasis on showcasing the beauty, fragility, and funny side of nature, these remarkable pictures of wildlife depict a distinctive aesthetic that humanizes the subjects, a photographic style that advances from conventional, human portrait photography. The winner will be announced on 12/7/20.

Image by Mark Fiitzpatrick

Founded by Paul Joynson-hicks and Tom Sullam, the comedy wildlife photography awards is a global and free-to-enter competition for both professional photographers and passionate conservationists. in addition to providing some light-hearted relief, the competition aims to highlight the extremely important message of wildlife conservation in an engaging and positive way, working with the main competition partner — the born free foundation.

Image by Arturo Telle Thiemann
Image by Megan Lorenz
Image by Krisztina Scheef
Image by Luis Marti
Image by Asaf Sereth
Image by Tim Hearn Pamselfly
Image by Jacques Poulard
Image by Sue Hollis
Image by Wei Ping Peng
Image by Martin Grace
Image by Petr Sochman
Image by Daniele D’ermo
Image by Marcus Westberg
Image by Jagdeep Rajput

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