My Revenge Will Be Terrible

Drivers Are Now Scaring High-Beam Users With Glow-In-The-Dark Horror Stickers

If the law couldn’t scare them into following rules, the drivers decided to let ghouls and ghosts do the work for them.

It is the basics of driving to never use high beam while on city roads. The bright light could possibly blind the driver in front of you, which could lead to a terrible accident. There are rules and laws with respect to how drivers can and cannot use high beam lights while driving. But more often than not there are people who disregard it, putting the lives of others on the road at risk. The chances of them having to face the consequences of their actions is not that high, which some might say is unfair. To even these odds out, some drivers have come up with an evil plan.

Growing tired of tailgating cars with their high beam on, some Chinese drivers decided to teach them a memorable lesson. If the law couldn’t scare them into following rules, the drivers decided to let ghouls and ghosts do the work for them. Some cars have reflective decals that are so terrifying that they think it will force the driver behind them to turn down their high beam. What are the decals actually? Pretty famous ghosts you may have seen in horror films both from Hollywood as well as from the East as well. Some of these ghosts may just have kept you awake at night and here they were, appearing at the back of someone’s car.

These decals are for dealing with those people who do not make the switch from high to low beams. When the light falls on the rear windows, they see a pale, angry-looking ghost staring at them. That is sure to give them a start and they could switch to low beam or get so scared that it could lead to another accident instead of the one they could have caused. Which is an extreme consequence and does nothing to prevent accidents. It could be a funny prank to those people who don’t scare easily but what if they are frail hearted and crash their car in fright? That’s a risk worth considering. 

According to the South China Morning Post, police have noticed these decals as well. While it is not illegal for car owners to have car decals, the ghost decals could be fined up to $15. They will be held responsible for accidents that are caused because of these scary stickers on their cars including tougher punishments than just a fine. The stickers are available for modest prices ranging from $3 – $18. The sellers say the decals can barely be seen in the dark but can reflect light when high beam headlights are shone on them. But is it really worth defacing your car to teach an irresponsible driver?

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