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Uncle Rob – Comcast, then!

Currently, I am 1 phone call away with AT&T to cancel the Internet, then the Cell service with them and the reverse from running from Comcast but to going back. I have asked AT&T to accept my change of billing so I pay them, and 5 customer service billing experts and techs were so incompetent. Their process is the worst.

Then, I call Comcast to switch service, it took forever to try and find the right number, and I called 13 mins after they “closed” due to Covid-19 alternative hours. Joy…

Speaking of Joy, wash your hands, stay safe and healthy. This post is not meant to be done at home aside from hygiene.

But with no further adue, people might be feeling this with the “house arrest” and the complete breakdown of the global finical stability right now.

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Kids, have fun this Memorial Day weekend, be safe, be healthy, and do not do any of this at home!

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